The Dillon Company was founded in 1974 in Saint Joseph, Missouri by Neale and Rick Dillon, father and son. Begun in the midst of the energy crisis of the 1970s, their goal was to provide homeowners with the insulation needed to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In these early days, Rick and Neale ran the business while maintaining other full-time jobs on the side. In the fashion of a true family business, Neale’s other sons Steve, Dan, and Pat worked on the crews when needed, and his father George Dillon answered phone calls during the day.

By 1977 the company had grown into a full-time business, and the first location was opened at 2701 St. Joseph Avenue. In the following years, additional energy-saving products were added such as storm doors, storm windows, and replacement windows. In 1982 Pat Dillon returned to work with Rick as assistant manager and salesman. Dan Dillon ran the insulation crews and Neale retired. By 1986 Rick and Pat came to an agreement, and it was decided that Pat would buy the company from his older brother. With these changes, and the subsequent growth of the business, by 1990 Dillon Company had outgrown its present location, so the business moved to today’s site at 1202 Faraon Street in Saint Joseph.

Pat Dillon was the sole owner and manager of the business throughout the next twenty-plus years.  During these years many members of the Dillon family continued to be involved in the company, including his wife Nancy, sister Barbie, niece Kylee, and nephew Jacob.

In 2007 he sold the company to his long-time employee as well as family friend, Vicki Rowland and her husband Randy. The Rowlands ran the business for the better part of the next decade, continuing the commitment to the same high standards of quality and customer service, which had long been established at the business. Finally, in April of 2016, the story of the company came full circle, when it was decided that Pat Dillon, the former owner, would buy back the company, bringing it once again into the family from which it takes its name.

In 2018 the Dillon Company went through another change, with Chris Bennett acquiring the company in March 2018. Chris brings a wealth of real estate construction and development experience to the table.

Over the years Chris has collected an impressive array of certifications and qualifications including a bachelor’s degree in finance, a master’s in administration, numerous certifications from the American Hospital Association related to health care construction and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designee for real estate.

After leaving a small, family-owned business, Chris went to work for a regional healthcare provider as an executive manager for construction and facilities, a position he held for the last ten years.

During his time with the regional healthcare provider, Chris realized he missed the building and construction side of real estate development and started to seek a change. When Chris heard through the grapevine that Pat Dillon, someone who Chris has had the opportunity to work with many times in the past, was looking to sell The Dillon Company, Chris was quick to jump at the chance.

Following Chris to the fold is a pool of talented professionals, some of whom he has worked with previously. Together, this incredibly talented team of members both old and new are excited to bring their combined years of real estate, construction, and remodeling experience to the company.

Today the company specializes not only in custom installed windows, doors, sunrooms, and decks but also in complete kitchen and bath renovations, as well as full home remodeling. With each of these projects, the Dillon Company offers the same guarantees and priorities that were established when it first began. Great customer service and customer satisfaction remain at the top of the list. Furthermore, we also provide comprehensive services on all remodels, including plumbing, rewiring, and interior design.

As the company has grown and changed over the years, the commitment to our customers and community, as well as the quality of our products and installations has remained the same. It is thanks to this commitment, that the Dillon Company has gained a reputation in Northwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas as one of the top remodeling companies in the country. An honor that we were recognized for as recently as 2013 when we were chosen by Qualified Remodeler Magazine as one of the top 500 remodelers in the United States. Today we still strive to meet our original goals, which have allowed us to not only enhance the homes and businesses of over 33,000 people but also truly set us apart in the home improvement industry for over four decades.