If you remodel my kitchen or bath, who is responsible for the plumbing, electrical and all other phases of the remodel?

We include all phases of the project in our estimate. The customer may choose to do any portion they would like.

What type of kitchen cabinets do you have?

We use Custom Wood Products as our primary cabinet provider. We invite you to come into the St. Joseph store to look at our displays and showrooms. We can also set an appointment for you to visit the factory in St. Mary’s, Kansas.

What type of counter tops do you use in your kitchen and bath remodels?

We probably offer the best selection of solid surface counter tops in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. We have three different types of counter tops: laminate, quartz and solid surface. We also have granite counter tops available. In many bathroom applications we use Onyx brand cultured marble.

Do you provide help picking out appliances?

We are an appliance dealer for the Kitchen Aide, Whirlpool, and the Amana family of appliances. We are happy to provide and design new appliances into your remodel.

In general, how much does a vinyl replacement window cost?

All window pricing depends on the features you choose, when you select and order your windows. A vinyl replacement window will be more expensive than a new construction or standard lumberyard window. These windows require finishing that is not necessary with a vinyl window. The upfront cost will be more, but the installation will be less and there is no long-term maintenance with vinyl windows. In general, a window can cost between $350.00 and $700.00 installed. This ranges from the least to highest efficiency-rated window and the least to most options.

When is the best time to install new windows?

Window replacement is a very quick process so you can chose when you want to have them installed. The window is out only a short period of time so there is no worry about installing when weather temperatures are extreme. We install windows all year round. A complete standard replacement can be done easily in an hour, and the window won’t be out that entire time.

What kind of options can I get with a new door?

Any option you may have seen is available through our manufacturers. In addition, we offer several other options for different door styles. We encourage our clients to visit our showrooms and visit the manufacturers’ websites to view a full range of options.

I really love my deck but it gets so hot out there. What can I do to make that area usable during the hot summer months?

here are 3 common ways to create a deck cover, all of which are offered at The Dillon Company.

  • Install a metal patio cover.
  • Install a canvas patio cover.
  • Build a wood-framed structure to tie into the existing house roof line.